Why You Need Some Space Between Thinking and Doing

Carl Richards from Behavior Gap

On Vacation with my wife this week.  A real vacation, not a trip (no kids!!!).  It is for our 6 year Anniversary and we are headed to South Haven, Michigan for a few days!

I will be back next week with some new content on something that’s been bothering me recently when I think about our knowledge about money and our behavior.  More specifically how our knowledge and behavior do not align.  We can have all of the information in the world and we still go put that $100 pair of shoes on a credit card.  Or choose to go on vacation with money we don’t really have.  Or buy that thing because it’s 40% off when we really don’t need it or have the money for it.  This is a universal problem.  I struggle with it.  I’m sure you struggle with it.  So what do we do about it?

More on all of that next week but this week I want to link to an article Carl Richards wrote in the New York Times about this very topic and how creating some space between the stimulus and response can help us curb impulse buying and drastically help our bottom line.

Carl is Awesome! Hope you enjoy!

Why You Need Some Space Between Thinking and Doing


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